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Tom on Swedish National TV Documentary
Tom on Swedish National TV Documentary

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This page displays a few quick links to samples of Tom's writings and media commentaries. You can find more in depth discussions of each link in a separate tab under this menu.

Technology Security and Crime

See this white paper Tom wrote for KPMG Forensic back in 2000.
See this piece in Decision Ireland magazine.
See this piece in E-Business Advisor magazine.
See this piece in Fortune Magazine, “Fear along the firewall”.

Freelance Writing: Travel, Public Policy, Security, Technology, and other areas

See Tom's website: RoverTreks™
See “RoverTreks” on social media: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

See Travel World International Magazine.
See Food, Wine and Travel Magazine.

See more here.


Federal News Radio- AM1500
Federal News Radio- AM1500 (Washington, D.C.)

On Federal News Radio with Tom Temin. “How Bin Laden Was Hunted Across The Matrix”.

Op-Ed's / Feature News Stories

NextGov: “For Tom Talleur, Cybersecurity is about to get worse
NextGov: “Cybersecurity: We've deluded ourselves for years